Apple Music and Apple TV apps now available for Windows

Apple Music and Apple TV apps now available for Windows users

Apple Music and Apple TV apps are now available to download from the Microsoft App Store. Back in October last year, Microsoft announced that it was preparing to switch to a new platform that will allow users to finally ditch the old iTunes app and Apple TV web player in favor of original versions of programs with similar functionality to their macOS counterparts .

Also, a preliminary version of another application called Apple Devices, designed to manage and sync iPod and iPad devices, was released. These tasks are currently handled by iTunes on Windows and Finder on Mac. The Apple Devices app contains references to Reality OS and xrOS, marketing names reportedly associated with Apple’s VR headset.

The Apple TV app for Windows is similar to the macOS version, although the different sections are accessed via a list down the side rather than tabs at the top. With it, you can watch Apple TV+ content, as well as movies purchased from iTunes. The application even has a built-in mini-game mode. Apple Music’s Windows app is similar to the macOS version, but currently accessing the iTunes store is a bit more complicated.

Applications are available for self-installation via the links: apple music, apple tv and Apple devices.

When you open apps for the first time, you’ll be warned that iTunes has stopped working and you’ll need to uninstall new apps to get it working again. To date, pre-release versions mostly show stable operation and a complete set of basic functions, although the description of beta versions indicates this “Not all features may work properly”. Basically, Apple Music is already successfully syncing music and settings with iTunes, but for iPod syncing, it can still be worth delaying testing new apps until they’re out of beta testing.

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