Apple may delay mixed reality headset until 2023

Apple may delay mixed reality headset until 2023

Apple’s mixed reality headset may be delayed until 2023 due to development issues. This was reported by the Bloomberg resource, citing informed sources.

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Apple originally planned to launch the headset in 2021 and begin shipping later this year, sources said. The company then decided to unveil the device at the WWDC developer conference in June 2022, but that’s unlikely due to a number of issues.

Sources say that Apple developers face the problem of headset overheating, there are also questions about the camera and software. The device is rumored to have two chips, and Bloomberg thinks at least one of them will be as powerful as the M1 Pro found in the latest MacBook Pros. The high demands on the cooling system of this chip are the cause of overheating problems.

As a result, Apple is currently considering delaying the headset’s launch to late 2022 or delaying it to 2023. The company has reportedly told supply chain partners that the device will likely come out later this year, but apparently there’s no final decision on the matter. Apple is expected to focus on VR and AR apps at WWDC 2023 to launch an app store for the headset.

iOS 16 (codenamed Sydney) will get native mixed reality headset support. According to Bloomberg, this means that Apple “In theory, it can preview technical aspects of the headset or its software without showing the entire device.” at this year’s WWDC.



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