Apple Made it Easier to File Fraudulent Software Complaints in the App Store

Apple has responded to one of the frequent requests from users – now in the App Store, you can quickly report problem software without resorting to all sorts of tricks.

According to the entrepreneur, “scam hunter” and app developer Kosta Eleftheriou on Twitter, the “Report a problem” button has returned to the app description for the first time in many years, and when pressed, it now displays a drop-down list, including, among other things, the item “Report fraud or deception”.

Prior to the release of iOS 15, the only way to locate the corresponding button was a tricky one – you had to scroll to the bottom of the Applications or Games sections.

In order to complain, you previously had to go to a special site where you could select “Report suspicious activity” or, for example, “Report quality problems”. Either way, none of the options offered a coherent way to report fraud. For example, selecting “Report Suspicious Activity” was redirected to Apple Support. If a user had already paid money and fell victim to a scam, only “quality problems” could be reported.

Now, according to available data, even from the account of a free app with the option to purchase additional functions, you can report a problem. At the same time, the system still redirects users to the site where re-authorization is required, but the interface has become much more convenient anyway.

It is not yet clear if Apple will actually do something about the complaints. The company is known to have only about 500 people responsible for auditing applications in App Store… By comparison, Facebook has 15,000 moderators, Google has 20,000, and Twitter has 2,200. However, the latter is not comparable to Apple in terms of asset value and profitability.

In early September, it was reported that Apple was looking for personnel for the position of “ASI Investigator” – we are talking about people considering malicious applications and issues related to them. The vacancy is currently inactive.

It is not yet known how the complaints mechanism will work. The good news is that Apple is listening to some of the wishes of users. Not so long ago, the company allowed its own applications to be rated in the App Store – the pre-existing “immunity” of Apple’s software annoyed many users.

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