Apple made 65 billion by excluding chargers and headphones from

Apple made $6.5 billion by excluding chargers and headphones from iPhone

In 2020, Apple eliminated EarPods from the iPhone smartphone bundle and soon did the same with the charger, leaving just the cable. The company justified this step with concern for the environment, but critics of this decision see another reason. The fact is that removing the headphones and charging them out of the box did not bring down the price of the iPhone, which means that Apple makes an extra profit from it.

Image source: Alamy Stock Photo

Image source: Alamy Stock Photo

About two years ago, Apple said that by removing the charger and headphones from the iPhone, the company would reduce carbon emissions by 2 million tons a year. This initiative was approved by environmentalists but had opponents. According to the latest estimates, Apple has made around 6.5 billion US dollars in additional profits by cutting the iPhone package. It is assumed that Apple could reduce the cost of the iPhone, also due to the fact that the packaging of smartphones has become more compact, which reduces the cost of transportation.

According to available data, after excluding headphones and chargers from the iPhone bundle, Apple sold about 190 million smartphones worldwide. The trimmed bundle can save you about $34 on each smartphone. In addition, the company earned about $ 293 million from separate sales of headphones and chargers.Of course, these calculations do not take into account the increase in the cost of components that has been observed in recent years, but at the same time Apple managed to reduce costs without reducing the cost of the iPhone to lower consumers.



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