Apple Mac with M1 and M2 chips received native support

Apple Mac with M1 and M2 chips received native support for Unreal Engine 5.2

Until recently, Mac users relied on Rosetta technology to run Unreal Engine 5, but Epic released an update to Unreal Engine 5.2 yesterday that adds native support for Apple Silicon, among other things. This should significantly improve performance on Macs with Apple’s M1 and M2 chips.

    Image source: Epic Games

Image source: Epic Games

In addition to this major innovation, Epic has unveiled a new virtual production iPad app that works with Unreal Engine’s ICVFX (In-Camera VFX) editor. It offers “Intuitive UI for stage operations like color correction, light map placement, and nDisplay control tasks from anywhere within the LED volume‘ the company said in a statement. In other words, it allows cinematographers, visual effects specialists and others to set up lighting and more in virtual venues from a simple, portable interface.

The update is interesting in the context of Apple’s antitrust dispute with Epic Games over Fortnite App Store fees. Apple largely won that battle, as the Appellate Body found that the company did not have a monopoly on iOS app distribution. Back in 2020, Apple tried to suspend an Epic Games developer account, but the move was later blocked by a judge.

Previously, we talked about the main innovations in Unreal Engine 5.2, which received an improved stuttering system, new Lumen lighting and Nanite geometry features, and many other useful updates.

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