Apple launches iPhone 14 production simultaneously in China and India

Apple launches iPhone 14 production simultaneously in China and India

Apple’s main partner Foxconn operates iPhone production lines in several locations outside of China, including Brazil and India. However, Chinese manufacturing remains the most important when it comes to the company’s global smartphone shipments. It seems that this year the situation will change and iPhone 14 production will start simultaneously in China and India. This opinion is shared by leading analyst Ming-Chi Kuo.

    Image source: 9to5Mac

Image source: 9to5Mac

The analyst believes that at least one version of the iPhone 14 will be produced in India at the same time as China. If so, then this is the first time production of a new iPhone generation has started in another country at the same time as China. It usually takes several months before production starts in other countries. For example, in April this year, Foxconn began assembling the iPhone 13 in India and a few weeks later in Brazil.

iPhone production in other countries is mainly aimed at meeting demand in local markets. Kuo believes that Foxconn’s existing iPhone 14 manufacturing capacity in India will not be enough to fill the gap created by manufacturing problems in China, but for Apple, this milestone marks an important milestone on the road to production outside of China to expand. The analyst stressed that Apple’s decision to start production of the iPhone 14 early in India is dictated by the geopolitical influence on the company’s supply chains.


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