Apple kept one of the biggest games of 2019 off

Apple kept one of the biggest games of 2019 off the Mac App Store for the dumbest reason

Co-founder of Panic Inc. Cable Sasser on decentralized social network Mastodon (similar to Twitter) toldwhy the goose sandbox with stealth elements Untitled Goose Game didn’t make it to the digital Mac App Store.

    Image Source: Steam (luciano_fortunato)

Image Source: Steam (luciano_fortunato)

Remember that Untitled Goose Game debuted in September 2019 and became a real hit almost immediately: 1 million copies sold in three months, the title of Best Game of the Year at the GDCA and DICE Awards.

As part of an initiative to expand the list of target platforms, the developers and publishers of Untitled Goose Game also wanted to publish the game on the Mac App Store, but Apple didn’t welcome them with open arms.

    Image source: iMore

Image source: iMore

According to Sasser, the initial submission of Untitled Goose Game to the Mac App Store was rejected because an Apple employee reviewing the game found no feature to skip the credits.

“We explained that you can skip the credits by pressing the spacebar. Then the game was rejected for another reason. At this point we gave up and didn’t bother with the application anymore.”Sasser shared.

    Image Source: Steam

Image Source: Steam

The Verge journalist Tom Warren summarized Sasser stories: “That’s why no one thinks Apple will ever take Mac gaming seriously.”.

Untitled Goose Game is currently available for PC (Steam, Epic Games Store), PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. With the release on Steam in autumn 2020, the game received a cooperative mode with a second goose.

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