Apple is suing for collecting user data

Apple is suing for collecting user data

Apple has been sued for failing to meet its privacy obligations to users. About that informed The register resource.

AT legal actionFiled in Northern California District Court on behalf of plaintiff Julie Cima, allegations Apple collects information from iPhone owners even though the device settings are set to prohibit the transmission of information.

“Apple records personal data and activities of consumers on its mobile consumer devices and applications, even after consumers have indicated in their Apple mobile device settings that they do not want their data and information to be shared, – reported in a lawsuit filed on January 26. — As a result, Apple collects and uses a vast amount of data for its financial gain.”

The lawsuit cites a study by the Mysk development team released last November that alleges that Apple collects analytics data even though users block that option in iPhone settings. A lawsuit was filed against Apple shortly after the study was published, and another similar lawsuit was filed in court earlier this month.

As with previous lawsuits, Julia Sima’s lawsuit alleges that Apple misleads users with privacy promises in its marketing materials and published policies.

In support, the lawsuit cites Apple slogans published on billboards, such as: “Confidentiality. It’s an iPhone”, “What happens on your iPhone, stays on your iPhone” and “Your iPhone knows a lot about you. But we don’t do that.”

As The Register notes, the mismatch between marketing and reality is a common theme in lawsuits against Apple. In particular, the company has already filed lawsuits over a discrepancy between advertised screen size and actual screen size, as well as Apple’s exaggeration of the water resistance of its devices.

That says the claim “Apple fails to honor user requests to restrict data sharing” and that the company tracks user activity, including how they find apps, how much time they spend browsing apps in the App Store, what they search in the App Store, and what App Store ads they see.

However, Apple can claim that it is not violating the privacy policy because receiving customer data does not constitute disclosure of information to third parties.

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