Apple is investing quite a lot in AI says Tim

Apple is investing “quite a lot” in AI, says Tim Cook

Today Apple announced its financial results for the past quarter. At the same time, company management answered questions from analysts and investors. Therefore, Apple boss Tim Cook was asked how the company plans to monetize the capabilities of generative neural networks. Of course, he didn’t give a direct answer to this question, but he did note that the company is investing enough» in artificial intelligence.

    Image source: Apple

Image source: Apple

“If you look at the big picture of what we’ve done with AI and machine learning and how we’ve used it, these are fundamental things that are built into every product we make. When we released iOS 17, we introduced AI-powered features like Personal Voice and Live Voicemail. Even life-saving functions on the watch and smartphone such as fall detection, accident detection and ECG are possible on the watch. Without AI they would not be possible. We don’t call them that because we’ve identified their benefits to the consumer, but the underlying technologies behind them are AI and machine learning.[…]When it comes to generative AI, we certainly still have some work to do. I won’t go into detail because we don’t, but you can be assured that we are investing. We invest quite a bit. We will do this responsibly. Over time you will see new products based on these technologies.”said Tim Cook.

The Apple boss said that the company wants to take a responsible approach to implementing generative neural networks in its products, noting that this process will be gradual. According to rumors, Apple plans to continue integrating AI technologies into its products next year. Perhaps, among other things, we are talking about the use of generative neural networks. According to the source, Apple is spending billions of dollars on research and development in the field of generative neural networks.

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