Apple is facing a class action lawsuit over charging issues

Apple is facing a class action lawsuit over charging issues with Powerbeats Pro

Apple is being sued over battery charging issues in its Powerbeats Pro headphones. The status of the collective can receive a lawsuit from the New Yorker Alejandro Vivar (Alejandro Vivar), who believes that the difficulties are caused by the imperfection of the design of the gadget. Headphones lose contact with the charging case too easily – one of the two can either be charged “improper” away, or stop charging altogether.

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The plaintiff alleges that Apple was guilty of fraud because the company misrepresented battery life and failed to address issues of which it was aware. According to Vivar’s lawyers, a combination of poor case design and an insufficiently strong ear cushion – the part that inserts into the ear – may be at the root of the problems. To maintain the contact connection, the owners of the device have to put foreign materials inside the case.

The plaintiff demands from Apple “correct” situation and to pay compensation to the victims, the amount of which is not specified. If the lawsuit becomes a class action, Mr. Vivar will be joined by other Powerbeats Pro owners in New York, Georgia, Michigan, Montana, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Rhode Island, South Dakota and Virginia. Apple has not yet commented.



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