Apple is extending free satellite service for the iPhone 14

Apple is extending free satellite service for the iPhone 14 for a year

When the satellite emergency texting feature was introduced with the announcement of the iPhone 14, Apple expected to provide access to it free for the first two years after the device was activated, and then planned to introduce some sort of subscription fee. Now the company has extended the period of free use of satellite communication for another year with immediate effect.

    Image source: Apple

Image source: Apple

As already mentioned 9to5MacThere is no similar benefit for iPhone 15 buyers and they are expected to switch to a subscription fee after the first two years from the smartphone’s activation date. In other words, early buyers of the Apple iPhone 15 will have to pay for the satellite emergency messaging feature sometime in September 2025. Around the same time, owners of the iPhone 14 family of smartphones will also be faced with this need.

Apparently, at this time Apple will be able to decide on its tariff policy, since it will now bear all the costs of servicing the subscriber base on satellite networks of partners. iPhone 14 and iPhone 15 owners have the ability to send emergency text messages in those parts of the world where there is no cellular network signal, let alone Wi-Fi. In this case, the most important thing is to have access to an open area where the satellite signal is not blocked by artificial or natural obstacles. iPhone 15 buyers will also have access to technical assistance via a satellite network when driving.

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