Apple is cleaning the App Store of clones of the

Apple is cleaning the App Store of clones of the viral Wordle app

The new online word game Wordle created by Josh Wardle has a minimalist design, but that hasn’t stopped it from becoming very popular lately. While it’s just a version of Lingo itself from the 1980s American show, the game has found plenty of new fans and is eager to monetize its sudden hit.

Source: BruceEmmerling /

Source: BruceEmmerling /

The “official” Wordle has no special applications yet and is only available on the developer’s website – the visitor is asked to guess a five-letter word out of six attempts – just like in an old TV show.

According to Twitter users numerous clones of the game have already surfaced in the app stores, and some developers do not hesitate to specify the fact that they have published the same game as the Creator has the rights to unregistered.

Other users have noticed that there are tons of apps that don’t clone names directly, but use the word Wordle to boost search results.

The concept of the game itself is not new, but Apple has decided to fight apps from the App Store, some of which not only use the word Wordle itself, but also oblige iPhone users to pay $ 30 annually. All software that was released prior to the web version of Wordle and that uses that word will now be removed from the store.

A simple search in the Google marketplace shows that there are still a few copies of the game of the same name in it. According to some reports, there are no clones in the Microsoft Store, but some attribute this to a lack of developer interest in the store due to its small user base.

The original version can be found on the website the game developer himself.


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