Apple is asking the court to dismiss Epic Games baseless

Apple is asking the court to dismiss Epic Games’ ‘baseless’ antitrust allegations

Apple officials are asking a federal appeals court to uphold the judge’s ruling that broadly upheld the company’s business model of charging app developers a commission for all transactions through the App Store.

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According to Apple’s position, Epic Games has failed to provide evidence to support its claim that the App Store is a monopoly.

The confrontation between the two companies started in 2020 when Apple removed the Fortnite game from the App Store – the developer didn’t want to pay a 30% commission from every transaction within the application and found a workaround to collect payments. In response to the application’s removal, Epic sued, and in September it was ruled that the App Store’s rules and regulations did not violate antitrust laws.

However, Apple was found guilty of some anti-competitive practices and ordered to implement the ability for app developers to accept payments through third-party services. The tech giant appealed and obtained a stay of the order pending appeal.

Epic representatives have not yet commented on Apple’s new statement.



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