Apple is already testing iPhone versions with a USB C connector

Apple is already testing iPhone versions with a USB-C connector instead of Lightning

The publication supported the predictions of well-known expert Ming-Chi Kuo about Apple’s intentions to abandon the use of the Lightning connector in model year 2023 smartphones in order to move to USB-C Bloombergwhich, citing its own sources, reports that prototypes of such iPhones are already being tested.

    Image source: Apple

Image source: Apple

It is believed that the main motive for such a difficult interface migration for Apple will be a draft law from the European authorities, which will force all suppliers of electronic devices selling in the region to use the USB-C connector for charging batteries. This allows one charger to last the lifecycle of multiple smartphones, reducing the environmental impact of waste from the electronics industry.

At the same time, Apple is aware of the need for owners of accessories with a Lightning connector to connect to the future USB-C connector, and therefore is preparing a corresponding proprietary adapter for release. We recall that Apple smartphones from 2007 to 2011 used a proprietary 30-pin connector, familiar from the iPod, and only with the release of the iPhone 5 did they switch to Lightning, which is already familiar to everyone. At that time, a branded adapter cost $29.

According to the source, new iPhone models will keep the Lightning connector this year, and 2023, when the interface will switch to USB-C, is only mentioned as a provisional date. Also, iPads and Macs have already transitioned to USB-C, leaving Apple smartphones as the only Lightning stronghold among the company’s big devices, albeit quite numerous. The company tried to create versions of the iPhone without physical connectors that would charge wirelessly, but it turned out that the charging speed was reduced, as was the transfer rate of information when syncing devices. This connection option is also problematic in the car.

Last year Apple spoke out against making its devices mandatory to use a single USB-C port, but creating versions of the iPhone with different types of charging ports in different regions is even less in the interests of the company and consumers if the If European lawmakers are adamant, Apple will most likely be forced to implement such ports on all next-gen smartphones.

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