Apple iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max owners complained about

Apple iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max owners complained about OLED screens burning out quickly

The Apple iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max smartphones are only a month old, but the internet is already News is circulating about cases of ultra-fast burnout of OLED screens of expensive new products. The problem arose shortly after overheating was discovered in new smartphones that went on sale in mid-September 2023. Updating the operating system eliminated the overheating. However, what is happening to screens and how widespread this phenomenon can be is a question to which there is no answer.

    Image source: Apple Forums

Image source: Apple Forums

Apple has been using OLED screens in its smartphones since the iPhone. In theory, OLED screens are prone to burn-in, which is the case with OLED TVs. But the problem usually doesn’t appear immediately. For an OLED screen to burn out at any point, the screen requires hundreds of hours of operation in static mode at maximum brightness. New Apple smartphones are unlikely to have reached this state in such a short time.

The worst part is that it’s not just the default screen that’s always on. A Reddit user reported that his smartphone screen burned out after watching a video on YouTube – after watching, a blurry image with the outline of a thumbnail image was imprinted on the screen. Several users have reported the same thing in the comments below this post.

Most often, owners of sought-after new products talk about the appearance of icon trails and blurry images of home screens on their displays. They appear for both always-on screen settings and custom screen off modes.

Trying to repair a smartphone with burnout on the display will not help. Experts are diagnosing the problem, but they can’t yet replace the screen or the entire smartphone – there are no necessary components and, in fact, no smartphones that need to be replaced. There have been no official comments from Apple either. The extent of the problem is still unclear and it could either be an isolated incident or a more serious defect.

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Maybe users are simply doing something “wrong”. Once, when the iPhone 4 was released, there were complaints about sudden and random communication failures in new products, Steve Jobs explained how to hold the smartphone correctly so as not to block the antenna. A similar situation can occur with screen burnout. Smartphones have a very complex automatic adjustment of the brightness of each pixel, and it cannot be ruled out that their operation is disrupted intentionally or involuntarily.

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