Apple iOS 17 is spreading slower than iOS 16 but

Apple iOS 17 is spreading slower than iOS 16, but iPadOS 17 is ahead of its predecessor

Apple published report on the pace of adoption of its mobile OS, revealing a remarkable trend: the trajectories of iOS 17 and iPadOS 17 compared to their predecessors took opposite directions.

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The adoption of iOS 17 lags behind that of iOS 16 a year earlier. The fresh platform is used on 76% of iPhones released in the last four years. By comparison, iOS 16 was at 81% at the same time last year. It’s a small difference, of course, but it’s there: people may not consider the innovations in iOS 17 to be as important as they did in iOS 16 a year ago. But 20% of iPhones released over the past four years still run iOS 16, and 4% run older versions. If we take into account all the iPhones that are still working, then the share of iOS 17 is 66%, iOS 16 has 23%, and earlier versions hold 11%.

But iPadOS 17 is more popular than its predecessor a year ago. To date, iPadOS 17 is installed on 61% of iPads released over the past four years, iPadOS 16 accounts for 29%, and the remaining 10% belongs to earlier versions of the system. Last year, only 53% of devices introduced in the previous four years had iPadOS 16, so this is a noticeable step forward. If we take into account all working iPads, then the share of iPadOS 17 is reduced to 53%, iPadOS 16 retains its 29%, and the remaining versions get 18%.

Google has stopped publishing statistics on Android shares because the situation here is more dire, which is understandable: Apple has to support a relatively small number of devices, and the Android ecosystem is much more diverse.


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