Apple introduces tools to port DirectX12 games from Windows to

Apple introduces tools to port DirectX12 games from Windows to macOS

Windows is the main platform for PC gaming, but Apple is trying to change that. At WWDC, the company introduced the Game Porting Toolkit, which aims to simplify the process of porting Windows games to macOS.

    Image source: Apple

Image source: Apple

Developers usually have to go through many steps to see and test their game on another operating system. To solve this problem, Apple introduced a toolkit with an emulator that can run Windows games on a Mac. “This allows you to instantly analyze the potential performance of your game, saving you months of prep work.“, – said the head of the gaming department of Apple Brandon Corey (Brandon Corey) at a meeting at WWDC.

In the image above you can see that the emulator is running The Medium and appears to support Microsoft’s DirectX12, which was not previously available for Mac. Apple has developed an open-source emulator from CodeWeavers, the company behind Wine and CrossOver, two projects that allow you to run Windows applications on macOS. In a press release, CodeWeavers stated: “We are pleased that Apple has chosen to use the CrossOver source code as the emulation solution for the Game Porting Toolkit“. The company announced last week that it was working on DirectX12 support for CrossOver, which could explain the emulator’s capabilities in DirectX12.

The second main feature in the Game Porting Toolkit allows you to automatically convert 3D shaders from Windows games, including ray tracing elements, to the macOS graphics API Metal. With its help, you can convert the game’s graphic code and optimize it for Mac.

Apple invites developers to use the Game Porting Toolkit on theirs website and further book page GitHub.


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