Apple intends to launch the Apple Watch with a blood

Apple intends to launch the Apple Watch with a blood glucose sensor

Apple is developing technology that will allow you to measure blood sugar levels without piercing the skin. According to sources Bloombergthe manufacturer has already made some progress with the E5 project and eventually intends to take advantage of the developments in the Apple Watch – the addition of such a system will make the company’s wearable devices a very likely choice for millions of diabetics around the world .

    Image source: Luke Chesser/

Image source: Luke Chesser/

In addition, it will strengthen the company’s position in the healthcare solutions market. For example according to the data Bloomberg1 in 10 people in the United States has diabetes, but until now they have mostly been forced to use only devices that puncture the skin to take a blood sample when measuring. Apple, in turn, relies on “Silicon Photonics” technology and an “optical absorption spectroscopy” process. Such a system uses lasers and sensors to measure the concentration of glucose, as well as special software to interpret the information received.

Hundreds of developers from the Exploratory Design Group (XDG) are working on the project – this is one of the company’s most secret initiatives. News of Apple’s tech readiness on Wednesday temporarily weighed on the stock prices of would-be diabetes tech competitors like Dexcom and Abbott. Abbott has already stated that they are working on new surveillance products, while Apple, on the contrary, declined to comment.

Over the past 10 years, Apple has tested hundreds of people with glucose monitoring technology. The technology is now believed to be in the proof-of-concept stage, although journalists are not divulging their sources. According to reports, the corresponding modules have to be made even more compact. While the developers are working to create a prototype half the size of the iPhone and clipped to the user’s bicep. However, we used to talk about a desktop device at all. It is believed that over time the technology can be integrated into the Apple Watch smart watch and will inform users of the likely onset of prediabetes. The company is already in talks with US regulators to get the system approved.

Despite this, not only Apple but also other tech giants have not yet succeeded in creating compact, non-invasive wearable systems. However, Apple has already spent hundreds of millions of dollars on the project, so there is a high probability that the company will still be successful. It is known that the company cooperates with TSMC in the area of ​​​​manufacture of the module of the required type and has previously cooperated with other companies.

Before becoming part of the XDG team, the project evolved in even greater secrecy as a separate Avolonte Health LLC business for outside observers not affiliated with Apple at all. It is known that work on non-invasive measurement technology began back in 2010 with the submission of the late Steve Jobs (Steve Jobs).

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