Apple iMessage and Microsoft Bing avoid being listed as gatekeepers

Apple iMessage and Microsoft Bing avoid being listed as gatekeepers under European DMA law

Apple and Microsoft have temporarily removed iMessage and Bing from the European Digital Markets Act (DMA). The European Commission has announced that Bing, Edge, Microsoft Advertising and iMessage will be reviewed to determine if they are eligible for DMA gatekeeper status.

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The aim of the DMA is to limit the power of the tech giants and create a level playing field for all market participants – while imposing additional obligations on the big players. In particular, when a messaging service like iMessage is deemed big and important enough, it strives to provide some level of interoperability with other platforms. After receiving the appropriate status, Bing is obliged to provide certain information upon request and to offer other search engines for selection.

Microsoft and Apple have stated that Bing and iMessage are not popular enough in Europe and should not be subject to DMA, although they meet the required thresholds. At the same time, both companies continue to provide “basic platform services” regulated by this law. Microsoft has Windows while Apple has Safari browser, iOS mobile platform and App Store. Alphabet, Amazon, ByteDance and Meta proved to be other “intermediaries”, i.e. platform operators. The relevant services must comply with European regulations by March 2024.

In a statement to the agency Reuters An Apple spokesman said DMA raises privacy and security concerns, the company said “Focus on mitigating this impact and continue to provide the best products and services to European consumers.”. Microsoft said it welcomed the review initiated by the European Commission and agreed with the company’s designation of “intermediary” status. The verification takes no longer than five months. If approved, eligible services must meet DMA requirements beginning August 2024.


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