Apple HP and Samsung stop importing laptops and tablets to

Apple, HP and Samsung stop importing laptops and tablets to India after a government ban

August brought unexpected news about the Indian government’s decision to ban the import of laptops, tablets and server equipment into the country for companies that do not have special licenses. With the latter still to be caught up, some companies have already been forced to stop importing their products to India. Among them were laptops and tablets shipped to this country by Apple and HP Inc. and Samsung.

    Image source: Apple

Image source: Apple

At least it is reported Bloomberg, adding that some other importers of this type of electronic devices to India have also decided to do the same. The ban came as an unpleasant surprise for most market participants, as the manufacturers had previously discussed measures, primarily with Indian authorities, to boost production of core products in the country. As announced yesterday, applicants can apply for grants to organize the assembly of tablets or laptops in India until the end of August. However, the total budget to support this initiative is limited to $ 2.1 billion, and the conditions are heavily dependent on imports, the needs of manufacturers will be much higher.

Laptop and tablet suppliers are urging Indian officials on what is required to obtain licenses to ship the required products into the country as the sales season approaches and the traditional fall business season boosts demand for PCs. The Indian notebook market is heavily dependent on imports and if new restrictions disrupt shipments, new product launches could be delayed while creating product shortages. Up to half of these goods come from neighboring China, whose relations are anything but ideal.


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