Apple has taught the iPhone 15 to display the number

Apple has taught the iPhone 15 to display the number of battery charge cycles completed

A new subsection has been discovered in the iPhone 15 settings for Apple smartphones that displays advanced information about the battery: the month of its production, the month of first use, as well as the current number of charging cycles.

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Previously, battery information was displayed in “Maximum Capacity” format and showed how much the battery can charge as a percentage of factory capacity. Now you can see the number of charging cycles completed. This data could also be obtained earlier, but this requires analyzing the health of the device, copying and pasting the report into the Notes application, and then searching for “last_value_CycleCount”.

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The completed cycle is counted when the battery is 100% discharged, and not necessarily all at once, she explained Apple. For example, you can discharge the battery to 75%, charge it fully, and complete the cycle the next day with a 25% charge. In some cases this may take several days. The capacity of lithium-ion batteries decreases with each complete charge cycle.

All iPhone 15s, including the Pro models, have another notable battery performance setting: when enabled, the battery cannot be charged above 80%. The new Apple iPhones will go on sale next Friday, September 22nd.


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