Apple has run into a massive bug Users cant sign

Apple has run into a massive bug: Users can’t sign into accounts with Apple ID

Many Apple device users this morning began to complain about problems when trying to log in to services related to the Apple ID system. True, there is still no relevant information on the page of the Apple website dedicated to crashes.

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Concerned users are reporting on social media that not only are they unable to log in, but they are also unable to verify the device or make payments. According to media reports, despite entering the correct username and password, an error message appears indicating that the request cannot be processed at the moment. For this reason, users in particular have difficulties paying via Apple Pay and operating other services.

In general, the availability of the service in recent months has not been entirely satisfactory. Similar problems with the Apple ID accumulated over the weekend. Apple Music and TV+ often had issues where users were prompted to subscribe to services when they were already subscribed. According to some reports, interruptions in the operation of the weather application have been observed on and off, the last time as recently as this week.

    Image source: 9to5Mac

Image source: 9to5Mac

According to 9to5Mac, there is still no known workaround for Apple ID issues. Users just have to wait for Apple engineers to solve the backend server issues and gradually restore access to the services associated with the Apple ID.

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