Apple has released an update for the iPhone 5S

Apple has released an update for the iPhone 5S – this year the model turns 10 years old

Although the iPhone 5S hasn’t been updated with iOS for a long time – it stopped at iOS 12 – the company releases security updates for the device from time to time. With the model soon to be ten years old, the updates are a welcome addition for those still using old devices.

    Image source: Medhat Dawoud/

Image source: Medhat Dawoud/

The last operating system update for the iPhone 5S was released in 2018. Despite this, the company continued to monitor the “health” of the old model and some subsequent models. Released in 2013, the device unexpectedly received a security update this week – iOS version 12.5.7.

Not much can be said about the update to iOS 12.5.7, but it is important for those who still own older smartphones that support this version of the software. The fact is that Apple has closed a long-standing vulnerability, thanks to which it was possible to process malicious web content and run arbitrary code. Apple documentation emphasizes that the vulnerability is actively exploited in devices running versions older than iOS 15.1.

Although the iPhone 5S is the oldest Apple smartphone to receive the update, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus owners can also get it. Users of the mentioned gadgets are advised to download the appropriate update.

According to The Verge, Apple frequently releases updates for older devices. However, the appearance of a “patch” for a smartphone that is already more than 9 years old is a kind of record. If possible, the manufacturers of Android smartphones try to at least partially achieve a similar level of support. Samsung, Google and OnePlus are known to release security updates for five years, but only for certain flagship models of their devices. It is to be hoped that other gadget manufacturers will take up the initiative of these companies in the future.

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