Apple has opened all iPhones worldwide to cloud gaming service

Apple has opened all iPhones worldwide to cloud gaming service applications

Apple has opened the App Store for cloud gaming service applications. This means that Xbox Cloud Gaming, GeForce Now and similar streaming game services can now offer full-fledged applications for iOS, whereas previously these were only available via the browser. And what’s important is that this change applies worldwide!

    Image source: NVIDIA

Image source: NVIDIA

Developers can now provide a single app with the ability to stream all the games offered in their catalog“Apple wrote on its blog.

In 2020, Apple appeared to have made room for cloud gaming services in the App Store. But in fact it turned out that everything was wrong, since all the games available through each service had to be presented and viewed as separate applications. Therefore, the current resolution of a single app with a large catalog of games represents a big change for iPhone and iPad users.

As part of the announcement, Apple stated: “All experiences available in the app app The store must follow all recommendations app Save review Policies and the host application must maintain an age rating that corresponds to the highest age rating of the content contained in the application” That means developers must coordinate with Apple all games available on iOS through their cloud gaming service. And if the site offers games intended only for adults, their application will receive an adults-only rating User.

    Image source: Xbox

Image source: Xbox

Apple also states that developers now “will be able to provide advanced opening features for streaming games, mini-apps, mini-games, chatbots and plugins included in their applications“, So what “Gadgets, mini-games, chatbots and plugins can use the payment system Apple In-app Buy to offer paid digital content or services to your users for the first time, such as: B. a subscription to a custom chatbot

This news is part of a series of changes aimed at making the Apple ecosystem more open. Other changes announced include the approval of alternative app stores and browser engines in the EU.


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