Apple has imposed very strict privacy requirements on the developers

Apple has imposed very strict privacy requirements on the developers of Vision Pro software

It may only be used indoors. During use, it must always be with you or within your sight. No one has the right to view, process or access them. It must be kept in a locked place that only you have access to. It must not be left unattended“. What is this? Secret government project? Nuclear launch codes? No, this is just a developer kit for the Apple Vision Pro headset.

    Image source: Apple

Image source: Apple

Apple unveiled the Vision Pro in early June and promises the product will be available for purchase early next year. Vision Pro will be the company’s first major new product in more than eight years. Headset with launch Price: $3499 allow the owner “Spatial Computing”as Apple calls them, combining virtual and augmented reality.

Apple always keeps information about unreleased products private. For example, iPhone and iPad devices were issued to software developers in special frames through which only the screen and not the design of the device itself was visible. The devices were attached to the tables. The security service photographed the surface of the workbenches in order to trace the cause of the leak, if any. As Apple Watch developers exited the premises, they showed their wrists to security officials.

An equally strict catalog of requirements is aimed at developers of software for the Vision Pro headset. You must sign it to receive a Developer Kit (DK) that will allow you to develop and customize applications for the new Apple headset. However, only a few developers who need ongoing hands-on access to the headset will continue to receive these kits even after signing the commitment. For others, Apple will provide a visionOS simulator to build apps. The company also announced one-day labs for developers to pre-order.

Below is an excerpt of the list of developer privacy requirements for Apple Vision Pro:

“You must ensure that unauthorized persons (including family members, friends, roommates or domestic workers) do not access, view, handle or use the DK. It must be in your sight at all times.

You must ensure that the DK is password protected. Never leave a DK unattended. When not in use, turn off the DK and store it in a closed Pelican case in a locked place where only you have access (e.g., a locked room or closet, safe, or locked drawer).

The DK may not be moved or removed from the shipping address by you or your authorized developers without Apple’s prior written consent.

If you will be away from your desk for more than 10 days, please contact your Apple representative to find out how to protect your DK while you are away.”

The company has good reason to be cautious. For example, in 2010, Gizmodo received a prototype iPhone 4 intended for field testing, disguised as an iPhone 3GS, after an Apple employee accidentally left it in a bar. Therefore, even before the official presentation, information about the new gadget was published.

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