Apple has gone to war with SpaceX the company is

Apple has gone to war with SpaceX: the company is investing in Globalstar to power satellite communications in the iPhone

Last week, Apple announced the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus smartphones, as well as the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max. One of the major innovations in these devices was the support for satellite communications.

    Image source: Apple

Image source: Apple

We are talking about the Emergency SOS via Satellite function. It is designed for emergencies: using a smartphone via satellite, you can send messages to the emergency services indicating the location. This feature helps in cases where the user is outside of the cellular network coverage area. If you have trouble connecting to the satellite, iPhone will tell you how to fix the problem.

The satellite communication service in the iPhone works on the basis of the Globalstar system, which unites 24 spacecraft. The service will be available in the United States and Canada, but not all guests from other countries will be able to use it. It is important to note that communication is two-way, so when sending a message in an emergency, the user will receive a notification that the message has been delivered.

We have established relay centers staffed with highly trained emergency professionals ready to take your messages and contact emergency services on your behalf.Ashley Williams, Manager of Satellite Modeling at Apple.

According to Reuters, Apple has invested $450 million in developing satellite infrastructure, with Globalstar getting the bulk of those funds. Specifically, Apple has agreed to cover 95% of the cost of new satellites that will be responsible for operating the emergency SOS-via-satellite feature. Analysts estimate that such spacecraft will require Apple to invest about $50 million by 2026. All in all, Apple could pay Globalstar up to $110 million over the next year alone.

For iPhone 14 owners, the emergency satellite feature is free for the first two years. Apple has not yet announced the cost of a subscription after that.

Other companies are developing similar services. For example, SpaceX recently announced its intention to connect ordinary smartphones to Starlink satellites. Users can exchange data when cellular communication is not available. Initially, only text messages are sent, also via instant messengers. In the future it is planned to add voice communication and Internet access. And late last week, AST SpaceMobile launched the BlueWalker 3 satellite, a test vehicle also designed to bring satellite communications to owners of ordinary smartphones.

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