Apple has figured out how to make secret surveillance even

Apple has figured out how to make secret surveillance even more difficult with AirTag

Apple today announced that it is preparing a series of updates for AirTag trackers designed to make it even harder for these devices to secretly spy on you. Innovations are distributed during a staged deployment. In an upcoming software update, Apple plans to implement new alerts that appear during AirTag setup to prevent malicious device use and more.

Image source: Apple

Image source: Apple

AirTag is tied to your Apple ID. AirTag is only for tracking items that belong to you. Using AirTag to track someone without their consent is a crime in many parts of the world. AirTag is designed to be easily recognized by victims and allow law enforcement to obtain identifying information about the owner.”says the new notification when setting up the tracker.

Apple is in the process of fixing a bug that is causing an “unknown accessory alert,” which many users perceive as a sign that they are being AirTagged. In fact, this notification may relate to AirPods and some accessories that are compatible with the Latitude network but not AirTag.

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As part of its efforts, Apple has also released extensive articlewhich tells what to do when the user has received a notification that an AirTag tracker or accessory that supports the Latitude network is nearby.

With future software updates, iPhone 11 or newer users who receive notifications of unwanted tracking will be able to pinpoint the location of another person’s AirTag, much like a tracker owner can find them.

Another innovation will be a notification with sound on the iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch when another person’s AirTag is seen nearby. According to Apple, this feature helps when AirTag audio is hard to hear or the device’s speaker is damaged. The company will also update the alert system to let users know earlier that an unknown AirTag or other locator network accessory may be traveling with them.

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Another update is to increase the volume of the sound emitted by the tracker. If an iOS user receives an unwanted tracking alert, they can force the AirTag to play a sound to make the device easier to find. Apple intends to tweak the tone sequence to make the AirTag louder and easier to find.

Alongside announcing the updates, Apple stressed that AirTag’s privacy has always been a priority for the company. There’s no specific timeline for implementing these innovations, but Apple promises to deliver them before the end of 2022.


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