Apple has declared the latest MacBook Pro with optical drive

Apple has declared the latest MacBook Pro with optical drive obsolete

Apple today announced that the mid-2012 13-inch MacBook Pro “officially deprecated”. This was the last MacBook Pro to feature a built-in optical drive for CDs and DVDs. Apple stopped selling this laptop in October 2016. macOS Big Sur, released in 2020, dropped support for it, although older versions of macOS continued to receive security updates.

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Apple considers products obsolete after 7 years from the end of sale. The company is ending all hardware service for legacy products, and service providers cannot order parts for them. Some Mac laptops can expect an extended battery repair period of up to 10 years from the date of sale, subject to parts availability.

Apple still offers an external optical drive called SuperDrive, which can read and write CDs and DVDs. However, it hasn’t been updated in years and still connects via a USB Type-A port, which is missing from most modern Mac laptops. Even if you have an external CD/DVD drive from Apple, the user will need an adapter to use it with a modern Mac.

Apple’s hasty abandonment of the built-in optical drive in MacBook Pro models once seemed controversial, but today there is no doubt about the correctness of this decision. For most current users, an optical drive is almost as exotic as a floppy drive. It must be admitted that the need for such a device tends to zero.

It should be noted that there appeared on the Internet messages and even video instructions from craftsmen who have mastered the emergency replacement of an optical drive with an additional solid-state drive.

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