Apple has declared the first generation Watch obsolete including the

Apple has declared the first generation Watch obsolete, including the $17,000 gold version – they will no longer be repaired

All versions of the original Apple Watch released in 2015 were discontinued as of September 30th. This means that the first generation of Apple Watches, also known as Watch Series 0, can no longer be repaired or otherwise serviced at Apple Stores or authorized service centers.

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It is curious that in addition to the basic versions of the Apple Watch, a model with an 18-karat gold case was also included in the list of obsolete devices, which could be purchased for $ 17,000. Production of the Apple Watch with a gold case stopped in 2016. They have been replaced by the Apple Watch Edition with a ceramic case, priced at $1,299. All other versions of the first generation Apple Watch with aluminum and steel cases and the sizes 38 and 42 mm are now also considered obsolete.

As for software, the first generation of Apple Watch, including the gold version, stopped receiving updates after WatchOS 4.3.2 in 2018. Apple classifies a product as technically obsolete if more than seven years have passed since it was no longer sold. Production of the original Apple Watch ended in September 2016 following the launch of the Apple Watch Series 2 and Series 1. As a result, the Apple Watch Series 0 models recently passed the seven-year mark since they were discontinued.


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