Apple has assured that there will be no transfers of

Apple has assured that there will be no transfers of the Vision Pro – the AR headset will be released in early 2024

In June, Apple announced its first mixed reality headset, the Vision Pro, and began providing kits to app and game developers in July. Today, company boss Tim Cook confirmed that there are no delays in the release of the device – deliveries of the gadget will begin early next year.

    Image source: Apple

Image source: Apple

The first developers to get acquainted with the Vision Pro headset were impressed by its capabilities, screen resolution, bandwidth and gesture control features, writes The Verge. It’s certainly a very powerful device, but the real test of its potential will be the use cases it can offer.

The stronger the Vision Pro app ecosystem is at launch, the more likely consumers are to decide they need such a gadget. Despite the staggering cost of $3,500. To achieve this, Apple will add most iPhone and iPad apps to the new App Store for the Vision Pro headset. And as part of today’s presentation, it was noted that the new iPhone 15 Pro will be able to record 3D videos that can be enjoyed in the Vision Pro headset.

Apple announced Vision Pro in June. At an event today, Apple’s CEO confirmed that the mixed reality headset will go on sale early next year. There are no plans to delay the release, although there are rumors that some key components, such as the external display, are not yet working properly on early copies of the gadget.

According to The Verge, Vision Pro will initially only be available in the US.

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