Apple has asked French authorities to investigate firmware designed to

Apple has asked French authorities to investigate firmware designed to reduce iPhone 12 radiation

French authorities have received a new version of the iPhone 12 firmware from Apple for review – a move intended to help the American manufacturer avoid a costly recall procedure for the device. The agency announced this Reuters with reference to own source.

Apple promised to release a software update for the iPhone 12 in order not to escalate the situation surrounding the device – previously the French authorities had detected increased radiation in it and stopped sales. The problem can be solved by releasing new firmware, and if Apple refused to do this, France would insist on recalling the devices. They then wanted to stop selling the model in several other EU countries.

Over the past two decades, numerous studies have been conducted to assess the health risks associated with cell phones. According to the World Health Organization, no negative effects have been found from regular cell phone use. Last Friday, September 22nd, the iPhone 15 went on sale – while Apple has already stopped selling the iPhone 12. The model can only be purchased from third-party sellers.

Apple regularly releases software updates for its phones and computers. This is mainly done to fix device security issues. Some updates are targeted to specific models or regions and sometimes Apple releases multiple updates per month.


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