Apple forces the watch to automatically change watch faces and

Apple forces the watch to automatically change watch faces and launch apps after attaching different straps

It’s possible that future Apple Watch smartwatches will automatically change watch faces and launch or disable certain applications depending on the strap the user has attached. About it writes The Verge regarding patent apple that discovered Obviously Apple resource.

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According to the patent application, not only Apple smartwatches, but also bracelets for them can be equipped with NFC modules that allow the smartwatch to perform certain actions automatically when certain bracelets are connected or removed. For example, if you change the Apple Watch band from pink to green, the watch face will automatically change the color of the corresponding band. Or if you attach a sports bracelet, the smartwatch will automatically launch the fitness app.

The patent filing also states that NFC technology can be used to communicate with components in the bracelet, such as additional sensors and even displays. Although the idea of ​​using sensors in a bracelet is not new, NFC technology is more economical than the same Bluetooth protocol for signal transmission.

However, Apple can implement the idea outlined in the patent for its own purposes. For example, to determine that the owner of a smartwatch is using unauthorized accessories.

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