Apple failed to escape an antitrust lawsuit over cloud gaming

Apple failed to escape an antitrust lawsuit over cloud gaming and browsers in the UK

The London Court of Appeal has decided to continue the trial between Apple and the UK Competition and Markets Authority (CMA). The case is the subject of an antitrust investigation by Apple over its ban on cloud gaming on the App Store and practices aimed at giving the Safari browser a dominant position on mobile devices.

    Image source: 9to5Mac

Image source: 9to5Mac

The industry regulator wants to conduct an in-depth antitrust investigation to determine whether Apple’s policy of banning cloud gaming services from the App Store is anti-competitive. Additionally, the CMA wants to make a similar decision on how Apple controls mobile browsers through WebKit and maintains the dominance of its own Safari browser.

In May this year, the British regulator’s case against Apple reached a dead end. However, the CMA did not refuse to continue the investigation and used the last opportunity in court to lodge an appeal. As of today, the regulator once again has court approval, allowing it to continue its investigations against the American company. In return, Apple now has the opportunity to appeal the appeals court’s decision, which the company will likely do to temporarily halt the antitrust investigation.

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