Apple explained why the Mac Studio on the M1 Ultra

Apple explained why the Mac Studio on the M1 Ultra chip is nearly 1kg heavier – it’s all about cooling

If apple released Looking at the specs of the new Mac Studio desktop, the public was quick to notice that the model on the flagship M1 Ultra chip was almost a full pound heavier than the version powered by the M1 Max: 3.6kg versus 2.7kg. As it turns out, the issue isn’t that the M1 Ultra are actually two M1 Max – in fact, different cooling systems became the reason for the different weights.

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An Apple representative clarified the situation to the resource The edge: “They share the same 370W power supply. Extra weight [образовался] due to the fact that the M1 Ultra has a larger copper cooling module, while the M1 Max has an aluminum radiator.”. At room temperature, the density of copper is 8964 kg / m³ and aluminum is 2700 kg / m³. This means that even if the radiators are exactly the same shape and size, the copper version is more than three times heavier than the aluminum version.

It would be wrong to say that a large radiator is automatically better than a small one – there are many factors to consider. About half a year ago, Sony demonstrated this by replacing the cooling of the PS5 console with a more compact and lighter one, without compromising the performance of the device. Presumably, in the foreseeable future one of the enthusiasts will decide to study this issue in more detail and compare the operation of cooling systems on both versions of the computer.



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