Apple explained why it wont distribute App Store policy changes

Apple explained why it won’t distribute App Store policy changes outside the European Union

Changes in regional legislation forced Apple to provide the ability to install third-party sources when distributing software for its devices in the European Union and to provide developers and users with access to third-party payment systems and browsers. The company has committed to explaining why these changes will not be extended outside the EU.

    Image source: Apple

Image source: Apple

This practice was introduced at the request of the European legislator, as explained 9to5Mac Citing statements from Apple representatives, the company acknowledges that this is not the safest way to distribute software. Planned changes to corporate policy in the European Union increase the risk of the spread of malicious software and illegal content, as well as fraud and counterfeiting. They also limit Apple’s ability to respond to and remove malicious apps. The changes introduced at the request of the EU authorities also mean the introduction of new technologies and processes that have not been adequately tested and may require further improvements.

Apple explained that it has always valued the trust of its users and has never taken it for granted. The company built a closed software ecosystem at all stages with a focus on privacy and security. Within its platform, Apple traditionally analyzes new applications to ensure they are secure, virus-free, and meet the company’s high standards. She also emphasized that the European Union does not apply innovations of its own free will, but tries to minimize the risks that arise for users in the field of information security and personal data protection. Globally, Apple believes its traditional software distribution practices are in the best interests of its users.

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