Apple employees believe that many ads on iPhone destroy premium

Apple employees believe that many ads on iPhone destroy premium brand status

According to the information portal’s report, many of those responsible for Apple’s advertising business fear that showing large amounts of advertising to iPhone users could negate the “premium” brand of the company’s mobile devices.

    Image source: MacRumors

Image source: MacRumors

According to the report, many employees are already convinced that Apple’s growing advertising business is going too far. Apple’s advertising salespeople are reportedly even banned from using single words when talking about the company’s advertising business. For example, you should use “audience refinement” instead of “targeting”. An Apple spokesman told reporters that the company wants employees to use language appropriate to Apple’s offerings, and that a term like “targeting” is inappropriate because the company doesn’t allow advertisers to target ads to individual users. For example, advertisers are prevented from targeting fewer than 5,000 users at a time based on demographics to somehow protect their privacy.

While staff at the App Store publicly agree on ad management issues, many have privately expressed doubts about the appropriateness of the modern approach, given that the current policy “impacts the premium experience” for iPhone users. For example, there’s evidence that the company intended to add ads to Spotlight search on iOS back in 2018, but scrapped those plans due to possible backlash within its own ranks.

It is reported that some representatives of the management of the advertising business forced the company’s employees to offer customers keywords that are less relevant to their applications and only cost a little less. In particular, this had a negative impact on the satisfaction of Apple employees themselves with their work. For the past few weeks, Apple’s developers, customers and critics have expressed disapproval of the company’s plans to expand its advertising presence on the App Store. Apple also reportedly intends to introduce ads on Apple Maps and Apple TV+.

However, according to a source familiar with the matter, the company has no plans yet to bring the advertising business to the scale of Google and create an advertising network with the display of ads outside of its own applications and services – a significant increase in the volume of served ads is at all not planned.

Meanwhile, Apple has paused ads in a few specific categories of the App Store after a poor debut last month and has yet to approve plans to expand ads to other services. According to Bloomberg expert Mark Gurman, Apple’s current advertising executive, Todd Teresi, wants to more than double the company’s current advertising revenue from $4 billion today to $10 billion a year.


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