Apple denies rumors of low software developer interest in Vision

Apple denies rumors of low software developer interest in Vision Pro headset – SDK downloads ‘exceed expectations’

Apple has denied reports that software developers have shown little interest in the Vision Pro mixed reality headset. Last month, some media outlets reported that Apple’s recent workshops for AR headset app developers had few participants, 9to5mac writes.

    Image source: 9to5mac

Image source: 9to5mac

In August, Bloomberg journalist Mark Gurman, citing sources, claimed that there were still spots available in the Vision Pro developer testing program. “I heard that not many people signed up for the Vision Pro developer workshops to test applications for this headset.”Gurman said.

According to the journalist, one of the reasons for the low interest and participation is that these seminars are only held in Cupertino, California. This adds unnecessary expense to those in the eastern United States and reduces interest in such events. Apple did not comment on this statement in any way, only stating that the participants of these seminars were very satisfied with it. Steve Sinclair, Vision Pro’s director of marketing, and Susan Prescott, vice president of global developer relations, spoke briefly about it in an interview with Digital Trends.

Apple insists developers were happy with the Vision Pro – even more than the company expected. According to Prescott, “The company has achieved exceptional three-star interest and customer satisfaction by showing what the product can do.”. Sinclair added that the number of downloads of the Vision Pro developer software (SDK) “exceeded all expectations” companies.

Developers of applications for Vision Pro themselves have ambiguous views on this product, writes 9to5mac. Some believe the headset can create a whole new market, others consider it a risky investment. For example, a company that develops augmented reality games believes that Vision Pro will play a big role in popularizing this field. “I strongly believe that Apple’s entry into this market segment will be of great importance”– commented the head of Resolution Games Tommy Palm (Tommy Palm), comparing the birth of Vision Pro with the early stages of the computer age in the 1980s.

Game designer Ryan McLeod of the small studio Shapes & Stories, which developed the augmented reality game Blackbox for iOS, thinks the new Apple product is a gamble. In his opinion, small game development studios will face increased risks when working with Vision Pro. At the same time, he noted that Apple has at least reduced potential costs for developers by allowing them to use familiar tools to build headset applications. “Designing and developing Blackbox is still a very time-consuming process, but being able to build everything in Swift and use the iOS frameworks I’m already familiar with proved to be a sufficient argument for it.”McLeod commented.

Apple last week released the third beta version of the visionOS operating system for the Vision Pro headset. It can be used by developers who have access to the Vision Pro SDK as well as in the Vision Pro simulator.

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