Apple demonstrated Vision Pros software interface and easy controls in

Apple demonstrated Vision Pro’s software interface and easy controls in a new video

Apple will begin selling its first mixed reality headset, Vision Pro, in the US on Friday, February 2, as the company collects pre-orders. Before the launch of Vision Pro on Youtube channel The company has a new commercial dedicated to the headset itself and the VisionOS platform that serves as the device’s software base.

    Image source: Apple

Image source: Apple

The video, titled “Hello Apple Vision Pro,” was part of an advertising campaign intended to draw consumers’ attention to the tech giant’s new devices. Particular attention is paid to the headset’s user interface, which enables simultaneous interaction with the real and virtual world using gestures. “Now digital content fits seamlessly into your physical space. You can do anything you want like never before.says Apple.

The commercial shows people wearing the Vision Pro. The developers have used advanced algorithms and sensors in the headset to track the direction of the user’s gaze, and it is proposed to interact with individual elements using simple gestures. What’s notable is that you don’t need an additional controller to navigate VisionOS; You just need to press your fingers to select any interface element. The device also comes with a virtual keyboard where you can type by placing it on a hard surface.

Vision Pro can also be used for entertainment, such as watching movies in cinema mode. The device allows you to see the user’s surroundings while interacting with virtual content. Thanks to the EyeSight feature, people nearby can see the Vision Pro user’s facial expressions and the content they interact with.

The source points out that the video released by Apple is nothing new. It’s a modified version of a video the company showed at WWDC last year. The headset itself will begin shipping to pre-order customers on February 2nd.

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