Apple declares the original iPhone SE obsolete

Apple declares the original iPhone SE obsolete

Apple added the original iPhone SE list outdated products. The first version of Apple’s budget smartphone was introduced in March 2016, which means that more than seven years have passed since its release.

The first generation Apple iPhone SE was officially sold until September 2018, i.e. The company marks devices as obsolete five years after officially stopping sales and production. After seven years they are obsolete.

Apple does not guarantee the ability to have obsolete devices repaired by the manufacturer or authorized repairers, but may still provide such service if the necessary replacement parts are available. After releasing the first generation budget smartphone, the company continued to launch the iPhone SE series, and now this is the only series of its smartphones with a Touch ID fingerprint scanner. Three generations of the device have been released so far – the latest iPhone SE was introduced in March 2022.

Apple has also assigned obsolete status to the 12.9-inch iPad Pro and a special version of the Mickey Solo3 wireless headphones. The Powerbeats 2 and Solo2 wireless headphones are now considered outdated.


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