Apple criticizes EU bill to allow third party software to be

Apple criticizes EU bill to allow third-party software to be installed on iPhone

Apple has stepped up criticism of a bill under development in the European Union. If the new rules are adopted, the company will be obliged to allow the installation of third-party applications without the mediation of the App Store marketplace. Apple says this will increase the risk of cybercrimes and the spread of malware.

Meanwhile, the Coalition for App Fairness, which includes Spotify, Match Group and Epic Games, has denied the effectiveness of Apple’s measures. The group is demanding that regulators ease Apple’s hold on thousands of iPhone software developers bypassing artificially created restrictions. This will give millions of users freedom of action and avoid paying commissions of up to 30% on purchases made in the App Store.

The iPhone maker has been a consistent and vehement critic of EU antitrust chief Margrethe Vestager’s proposed rules last year to contain tech giants like Apple, Amazon, Facebook and Google. On Wednesday, Apple published an analysis of upcoming threats, at one time thesis voiced by the head of the company Tim Cook (Tim Cook).

“If Apple is forced to support third-party downloads, users will be faced with a huge number of malicious applications, and it will be easier for cybercriminals to attack their victims, even if downloads are limited only to alternative app stores.”, – says the report of the company. It is argued that malware will migrate to third-party marketplaces and infect devices, and users will have less control over downloaded programs.

The study cites data from Kaspersky Lab, whose team records about six million attacks on Android gadgets every month.

Meanwhile, lawyers at Coalition for App Fairness believe that the ability to download apps from third-party sources is of secondary importance. The main point is that Apple partners are required to sell digital goods through the company’s payment system, although paying with Stripe, Adyen or PayPal is equally safe. The new bill may also hit this practice of marketplace owners.

Apple, in turn, spoke negatively about advertisers with whom the company is in strained relations due to the introduction of new security mechanisms for iOS users. Companies are complaining about the loss of revenue due to new privacy systems, so, according to Apple, many of them insist on the ability to distribute their software without going through the App Store – this will bypass the protection.

The new rules, proposed by Westrager, are awaiting approval by the legislators of the EU and EU member states. They are expected to take effect in 2023.

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