Apple could ditch the Lightning connector for iPhone next year

Apple could ditch the Lightning connector for iPhone next year in favor of USB Type-C

As reported in Twitter Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple wants to abandon the proprietary Lightning port in its iPhone smartphones next year and switch to the standard among smartphones Android connector USB Type-C

    Image source: tomekwalecki /

Image source: tomekwalecki /

Mr. Kuo backed his reasoning with a study he conducted – believed to be a survey of Apple suppliers, from whom he often gets useful information about the company’s plans. According to the analyst, the introduction of the USB Type-C interface “can increase transmission speed [данных] and iPhone charging at the hardware level, but final specs still depend on iOS support.”.

Information that Apple can equip the iPhone with a USB Type-C connector instead of its own Lightning has been circulating for more than a year. The electronics giant has slowly started moving away from its proprietary port, adding USB Type-C to the latest iPads. Also, USB Type-C ports have long been used on Mac computers alongside the Thunderbolt interface. Additional pressure on Apple is being exerted by the European Union, which has also been striving for the introduction of a uniform interface for chargers for several years.

It has been suggested that the company will hold out on the iPhone to the last, preferring to strip the smartphone of ports altogether in favor of fully wireless data transfer and battery charging. But in March 2021, according to Mr. Kuo, Apple would do so “in the foreseeable future” Save iPhone Lightning connector.


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