Apple convinced the EU that iMessage does not need to

Apple convinced the EU that iMessage does not need to be made more open

The main regulatory body of the European Union, the European Commission, announced that Apple’s iMessage messenger will not be classified as a “core platform service.” This means Apple won’t have to open up the service, including making it compatible with other messaging services. The regulator also advocated for the Edge browser, the Bing search engine and the Microsoft Advertising advertising platform to receive similar status.

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“After carefully evaluating all arguments, and taking into account the views of stakeholders, as well as hearing from the Digital Markets Advisory Committee, the Commission concludes that iMessage, Bing, Edge and Microsoft Advertising should not be classified as essential services.”says the European Commission.

The decision was the culmination of a regulator’s investigation that began last September when it published a list of 22 products covered by the EU Digital Markets Act. Although the European Commission has designated the App Store platform, the Safari browser and the iOS operating system as Apple’s core services, a decision regarding iMessage has been delayed until the investigation is completed. A similar investigation into iPad OS is still ongoing.

At the same time, WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger, both Meta Platforms messengers, were included in the list of core platform services that are subject to the legislation. Not long ago, Meta talked more about how compatibility with other services will work in the company’s messengers. Users will have to agree to receive messages from third-party applications, and such messages will appear in a separate section. Companies that want to cooperate with Meta in this direction will have to sign the appropriate agreement and follow its terms.


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