Apple continues to hire people to develop an augmented reality

Apple continues to hire people to develop an augmented reality device and applications for it

According to unofficial information, Apple’s specialized headset for working in the field of virtual and augmented reality will not appear until next year, but existing job offers indicate that the company is interested in hiring specialists to help it develop it. No less attention is paid to the software ecosystem, but Apple categorically refuses to call such an environment a “metaverse”.

    Image source: David Paul Morris, Bloomberg

Image source: David Paul Morris, Bloomberg

A well-known journalist for his profile predictions Bloomberg Mark Gurman listed all the rumors known so far about Apple’s augmented reality headset. The device could be unveiled next year and will feature an M2-series processor and ten cameras, as well as displays with the highest resolution in its class. The headset will cost between $2,000 and $3,000, and the custom operating system, codenamed Oaks, is slated for launch next year. A feature of the software platform will be versions of the popular applications Messages, FaceTime and Maps for the augmented reality environment.

As the author clarifies, in recent months Apple has posted several job postings in the Technology Development Group that may be related to the development of an augmented reality device. The company is looking for specialists with experience in creating content for the augmented and virtual reality environment. In addition, Apple may develop technology for recording videos in a three-dimensional environment with the ability to play them on virtual reality devices. The company is interested in developing what it calls a “mixed” reality environment, but Apple’s top marketer recently said he would never use the term “metaverse.” However, this does not change the essence of Apple’s core business.

The company even recently hired previously retired Dave Scott, who previously oversaw the development of autopilot technologies for vehicles and can now focus on investigating the prospects for the use of Apple augmented reality devices in the medical field since he managed to work as the boss of Hyperfine – manufacturer of mobile MRI machines.

Yaniv Gur, Senior Director of Engineering, also joined the team potentially involved in developing an augmented reality headset. Most likely, he will oversee the development of specialized applications for a new type of device that will be in demand in the corporate sector.

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