Apple begins distributing Vision Pro AR headset development kits to

Apple begins distributing Vision Pro AR headset development kits to app developers

Apple’s Vision Pro augmented reality headset won’t go on sale until early next year. However, the company has started providing app creators with developer kits to start developing or customizing existing apps for the latest visionOS operating system running Vision Pro.

    Image source: Apple

Image source: Apple

On the Apple website Steps are indicated, after which developers can get their devkit. It is important to note that the company is not giving away the device, it is lending it, so it should be treated with care and used properly.

“Submit a request for the Vision Pro Developer Kit. You must have an account that participates in the Developer Program Apple Developer ProgramProvide details about your team’s skills and previously released apps, and accept the terms of the agreement. Applications will be considered and priority will be given to applicants who are already actively developing software that leverages the features and capabilities of visionOS.”says Apple.

In addition to the Vision Pro Devkit itself, approved developers also receive initial device setup assistance and advice from Apple experts on the headset’s user interface. In addition, any application developer who has access to the Vision Pro devkit will have the opportunity to consult Apple twice on coding and solving related problems.

Apple emphasizes that development kits should be stored in locations accessible only to developers who have been approved to work with them. The company did not make how many applications for devkits had already been submitted. According to market experts, the success of Vision Pro will depend on third-party applications, but many application developers are still confused about the need to create new software for this device and adapt existing ones. According to the latest rumours, Apple plans to ship no more than 500,000 Vision Pro devices in the next year. Keep in mind that the headset is priced at $3499 by the manufacturer.

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