Apple Appeals Judge’s Decision In Epic Games Case

Apple has petitioned a US federal judge to suspend the order that it must make changes to the App Store. This action is required in connection with an appeal against this decision made in the proceedings with Epic Games.



In September, District Judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers ruled primarily in favor of Apple, preceded by several months of hearings. However, one big concession was required from the company: starting from December 9, it will lose the right to prevent developers from including buttons or links in their applications that direct users to payment systems other than Apple’s own service (which includes a commission).

In a full 180-page ruling, Judge Gonzalez Rogers expressed concern that developers are unable to offer alternative pricing to users. In its petition, Apple said that compliance with the regulation could harm the company and consumers. The company expects to win the appeal by challenging the judge’s decision. Epic Games was also not satisfied with the judge’s decision, especially the thesis that Apple did not violate antitrust laws in the rules for accepting payments.

Even before the Epic Games decision was ruled, Apple voluntarily agreed to weaken the requirements for payments in the App Store. In addition, she has already begun to search for options in which it would be possible both to fulfill the requirements of the judge and to preserve the commission. Apple’s new hearing with Judge Gonzalez Rogers is scheduled for early November, and Epic Games is due to submit its case for a re-hearing on appeal by December 12. That being said, Apple has refused to return Fortnite to the App Store until all litigation related to the dispute has been completed.


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