Apple and Intel complained to the US government about India

Apple and Intel complained to the US government about India: The country should not restrict imports

Indian authorities made a sudden decision this month to limit imports of laptops, tablets and server equipment into the country, but soon pushed back the deadline for introducing export license requirements to November 1 this year. This initiative, aimed at boosting domestic production, has already found open opponents among American companies whose products are imported into India.

    Image source: HP Inc.

Image source: HP Inc.

This will be reported Bloomberg having regard to a written appeal addressed to US officials by representatives of eight business groups, concerning many electronic equipment manufacturers headquartered in the United States. Intel and Apple are mentioned below, other importers are anonymized in the source code. American business officials are urging the government to lobby Indian authorities to revise the proposed directive, which will come into effect on November 1. From that moment on, suppliers of computer equipment to India will be forced to obtain licenses from the country’s authorities to import laptops, desktops, tablets and server devices of imported manufacture.

The proposed moves by Indian authorities, the authors of the letter say, could harm efforts to integrate the country into global supply chains as well as businesses in India and the United States. This appeal comes on the eve of the next meeting of G20 representatives, which will end India’s tenure in this informal organization. According to US semiconductor industry officials, India’s new electronics import regime could hamper business development in the country. In addition, the emergence of such restrictions undermines the confidence of international business in the country’s authorities. For the successful development of the economy and mutually beneficial cooperation between the two countries, the predictability of the regulatory climate is necessary, as the authors of the appeal summarize.

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