Apple and Google have sharply criticized US antitrust laws

Apple and Google have sharply criticized US antitrust laws – but smaller companies support them

As the US Senate Judiciary Committee moves closer to passing legislation that could weaken the hold of big tech companies in the digital services market, the outrage of the tech giants is predictably growing. Apple and Google have publicly opposed the new legislation, while a coalition of small tech companies have expressed their support for the initiatives.

Image source: Apple

Image source: Apple

These are two bills: the American Innovation and Internet Choice Act, which will prevent large companies from prioritizing their services over their competitors’ products, and the Open App Store Act, which aims to give users the ability to find alternative resources to Download programs to use their devices. .

Apple’s senior director of government affairs, Tim Powderly, wrote a letter to a number of political figures linked to the new legislative initiatives. In the letter, he explained that antitrust laws, particularly the Open App Store Act, would pose a security risk for devices by allowing users to download third-party apps. Because these programs exist outside of the Apple ecosystem, they are not subject to the same security and user privacy standards that applications must meet to be listed in the App Store.

Powderly says passing such legislation would look doubly odd considering the past few years have been marked by a plethora of ransomware attacks and other security risks for users. According to him, if new antitrust laws are passed, it becomes more difficult to protect user privacy and security. By downloading apps outside of the app store, they can bypass the company’s privacy policy, which allows users to choose what types of data they want to share with the app developers.

Google made a similar argument, saying it would not be able to offer its customers “best-in-the-market” services if antitrust laws were passed. As America’s Online Innovation and Choice Act will prevent Google from prioritizing its own services, the company says it can’t offer consumers a better online experience as users become dependent on other programs that just aren’t as good like the Find giant’s solutions. The company says the law could harm “US technology leadership” by giving users inferior, less relevant and useful versions of products like Google Maps and Google Search. The search giant also said the new laws would expose users to new privacy and security risks.

It’s worth noting that Apple and Google charge a 15% to 30% commission on all purchases in branded app stores and in the programs themselves.

Unlike Google and Apple, some smaller companies like Wyze, Yelp, DuckDuckGo and the Tor project released a letter asking lawmakers to vote on the new bills. Companies say the dominance of big tech giants is stifling competition in the market. your business strategies “not only harm competition, but also deprive consumers of the innovative offers that a dynamic marketplace could offer”, according to a letter from a coalition of small technology companies.


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