Apple and Arm extend partnership agreement beyond 2040

Apple and Arm extend partnership agreement beyond 2040

As early as 1990, Apple proved to be one of the first partners of the British developer of processor architectures Arm, thereby helping to form a holding company that will go public next week. Only in the course of preparing for the IPO did it become known that Apple and Arm recently extended their cooperation agreement until after 2040.

    Image source: Apple Community, Newton Fax

Image source: Apple Community, Newton Fax

Whether that implies any cash withdrawals from Apple, the sources don’t explain, but it is reported that Apple, along with other arm partners, may serve as “anchor” investors poised to buy depository receipts from a UK company next week for a total of $735 million

Apple launched the first computer based on Arm processors back in 1993. It received the designation Newton and became the prototype of modern tablets, but by today’s standards it could not boast of commercial success, since the technologies of that time did not allow for the qualitative implementation of an inherently progressive idea.

Now Apple actively uses the Arm-compatible architecture when developing its processors not only for mobile devices but also for computers. The company recently summarized the decision it made three years ago to no longer use Intel processors based on the x86-compatible architecture in its PCs. The growing popularity of Apple computers with proprietary Arm-compatible processors meant that at least half of all buyers of systems in this family were buying an Apple product for the first time in the second quarter.


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