Apple allows payment in dating apps with third party payment systems

Apple allows payment in dating apps with third-party payment systems, but only in the Netherlands

Apple announced on Saturday, January 15, the decision to allow dating application developers in the Netherlands to offer users the ability to pay with third-party payment systems, as mandated by the Dutch Consumers and Markets Agency (ACM). The country’s market regulator has asked Apple to do so by Jan. 15, under threat of fines.

Image source: Pixabay

Image source: Pixabay

The ACM decision, released on December 24, 2021, reported that Apple abused its market power by requiring dating app developers, including Match Group Inc., owner of Tinder, to only allow Apple’s payment system in payment apps use.

Note that Apple’s regulations, which require developers to exclusively use its payment system with a 15-30% commission when purchasing digital goods, have become the subject of attention from regulators and legislators around the world. However, the ACM ruling only applies in the Netherlands and only to dating apps.

Apple announced in a developer blog that it would implement and implement this decision “Two optional new permissions exclusive to dating apps on the Dutch App Store, giving users additional payment processing options.”

However, the company noted that developers are not required to use non-Apple tools and warned that it would not be able to secure or refund payments made outside of its systems as it had “no direct knowledge will have of it”.

We add that Apple is still preparing an appeal against the decision of the Dutch regulator.


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