Apple Allows App Store Branded Apps To Be Appraised – Low Ratings

Apple finally made it possible for users to rate their branded applications in the App Store, whereas previously there was no such opportunity – only third-party applications could be evaluated. Many users immediately rushed to rate the software from Apple and the scores they scored were by no means the maximum.

Many Apple applications received very low ratings from users. Files, Apple Maps, and Home received ratings from three to three and a half stars. Apple News was rated 2.3 stars by users, while Podcasts received only two stars. However, many of the programs did not receive even a hundred marks, so the sample is extremely small and does not yet reflect the real state of affairs. Apple’s apps have far fewer ratings than popular products from other companies, such as the Facebook client with 1.1 million ratings and TikTok with 10 million ratings.

Despite the fact that Apple’s applications have received very few ratings so far, this is a good innovation and should help to promote fair competition on the platform. Plus, Apple may think about how to truly improve its products.

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